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TecnoMaster in Czech Republic

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There have been many years of intense collaboration with Raveo sro, a partner company of long standing in the Czech Republic.

Raveo has chosen to invest further in Transtecno gearboxes, becoming TecnoMasters to achieve the enormous benefits of internal assembly lines. Now it will have the opportunity to develop its reference market, working with Transtecno and distributing products according to an agreed and shared business strategy.

It is no coincidence that the sales structure, both internal and external, is showing excellent growth. The Otrokovice-based company, founded and run by Aleš Zapletal and Radek Kaňovský, retails the whole range throughout the Czech Republic, with specific focus on the development of special projects for end customers. This is an extremely important quality that pairs particularly well with our own philosophy.

Marco Rafanelli, Area Manager:” I’m really pleased with our relationship with Ales and Radek, two excellent collaborators with whom we can build up the best possible market. In fact, guiding the customer towards the best solution is a philosophy we have in common with Raveo. And soon, with the benefits that come with our TecnoMaster programme, Raveo will increasingly become a point of reference for the market, which will allow us both to grow further”.



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